The timeless PUMA style enclosed in a timeless collection. In the collection of sneakers and sneakers for men, PUMA dives into the past in search of inspiration, while always keeping an eye on the future and innovation. The result is a collection of men's sports shoes where there is a strong retro-futuristic aesthetic that brings back the nostalgic memories of the 80s in a historical moment like this in which technology moves at great strides. The idea is to take iconic racing models that have made history, completely deconstruct them and reconstruct them taking into account modern aesthetics and technology. And here is that the rubber used before to make the sole leaves room for polyurethane, a rubbery material, totally recyclable, which gives the final product great flexibility, softness, lightness and resistance. Within the collection of sports shoes, models of men's basketball shoes cannot be missing, with a very avant-garde design that makes them perfect both on the court and on the street to complete an urban street look.